Salman Khan Offered Water to Monkey in Plastic Bottle and This is What Happened

Salman Khan's Instagram feed is an interesting place right now. The actor is in hyper-active mode currently on social media, sharing all kinds of content - from workout videos, to fun times with his family and cycling on the roads of Mumbai. In the latest video shared by him, the Bharat actor subtly showed off his sense of humour as well as his concern for the environment.

The video shows him offering packaged drinking water to a monkey by the road. The monkey hesitates in accepting the bottle from the Bollywood star. Salman then offers him some in a cup and the monkey takes a sip. The actor posted the video on Instagram with the caption, "Hamara bajrangi bhaijaan plastic ki bottle se paani nahi peeta... (Our bajrangi bhaijaan doesn't drink water from a plastic bottle)"

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a 2015 film starring Salman, where his role is seen as a devotee of Lord Hanuman, who is also called 'Bajrangi'. The video not just shows the humane side of Salman, who is known to be an animal lover, but also is a hint at his concern over plastic pollution.

Salman's a known philanthropist. He also promotes ideas of patriotism in his films like Bharat and Jai Ho, as well as in real life. Earlier, on Saturday, he posted a video of a young girl giving a patriotic speech on a breezy hilly area.
The 53-year-old actor has been sharing inside glimpses into his personal life with fans of late. Some of the videos show him performing some physically challenging tasks - from racing with a horse, trying a back flip in the swimming pool to showing off a split.

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